Wire Harness Lacing - A Dead Art?

Posted by jiGGaK on June 13th, 2010
A wire harness promoting proper dental hygiene

I don’t pretend to be a master of wire lacing. To be honest this is my first attempt but I am thoroughly pleased with the results. I was inspired by a recent article by Keith Neufeld in which he showed off his x0xb0x Wiring Harnesses.

This is my latest arcade joystick build incorporating my recent teensy++ based controller. Locating resources on the web describing the art of wire harness lacing can be tricky as it doesn’t seem to be a popular practice but I found a decent writeup here. The wires on my controller are 24 gauge so the thick string Keith used would have been overkill. Instead I opted for waxed dental floss to wrap the wires (tip: waxed is important as it helps the knots stay tight).

Full harness